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 helpful tinkering captain

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Butter Knife of Anarion
Butter Knife of Anarion

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PostSubject: helpful tinkering captain   Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:23 pm

hello, i was just bored and wanted to tell a little of myself.Laughing
started Lotro in february 08, and been loving it ever since.
This whole game is genious, and it seems to grow all the time:)
Been a roleplaying fan, and Tolkien fan since i was around 10.
played a lot of "live-role-playing" like dungeons and dragons, and Merrihmar.
played Diablo2 Lod for around 8 years, had own clan with around 300 ppl, we got rated 2nd best clan 1 year. I also won a free Guild Wars Nightfall for achieveing lvl 99 quickest during a ladder period of 3.5months.
played GW nightfall for 1 year. Loved it, but its boring in the long runs, easily get best items long time before u have completed game.

Ive read LordOfRings several times, and the hobbit. Ive also read the unfinished tales of middle-earth book1-2, Silmarillion.
Also recommend Wheel Of Time The series of books
Rift War The Mage`s Apprentice ++

I try to help out everyone i think needs it, in both craftings and quest, so dont hesitate to ask.
Chars:\ Mordowan(main) * Silmariel(wears-only-kick-ass-items) * Mordaril (for fun) Smile
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helpful tinkering captain
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